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Top Social Media Management Tools for Digital Marketing

Top Social Media Management Tools for Digital Marketing helps the firm to improve their efficiency and to get desired outcome. Each tool has its own set of trademark. This website give more detail information about 17 social media management tools and it helps you to raise your ranking in  business. To know more about ”  Top Social Media Management Tools for Digital Marketingis ” please have a look on the link below.

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Best seo packages for wordpress website by SEOZooms

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Source: Best SEO Package for WordPress Websites – SEOZooms

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This is awesome post published by Jomy Joseph on Operators and Expressions in PHP. He belongs to one my best friends in PHP Programming area especially from Kochi, Kerala

PHP Programmer Cochin, WordPress Developer | Jomy Joseph

  • An operator is a symbol which helps the user to command the computer to do a certain mathematical or logical manipulations.
  • Operators are used in C language program to operate on data and variables.
  • C has a rich set of operators which can be classified as
  • 1. Arithmetic operators
  1. Relational Operators
  2. Logical Operators
  3. Assignment Operators
  4. Conditional Operators
  5. Unary Operators

1. Arithmetic Operators

  • All the basic arithmetic operations can be carried out in C.
Operator Meaning
+ Addition
* Multiplication
/ Division
% Modulus Operator

  • Examples of arithmetic operators are
    x + y
    x – y
    -x + y
    a * b + c
    -a * b

etc., here a, b, c, x, y are known as operands.

Integer Arithmetic

  • When an arithmetic operation is performed on two whole numbers or integers than such an operation is called as integer arithmetic.
  • It always gives an integer as the…

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Soft Loom IT Solutions

SoftLoom : Responsive website development company Cochin, Kerala India. Contact us to get a responsive web development service on an affordable cost.

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Social media websites are sites allow users for creating their own individual profiles, insert their thoughts, publish and share among other fellow users related profilers. Since social media websites have billions for users registered and a good percentage of users will be regularly creating, sharing and interacting, the influence of these websites are very high. And the marketing chances using these highly crowded websites are also high. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus etc are top social media websites for business marketing purposes. Though these websites are coming under a common category of social media websites, there are huge difference in its usages, tools for creating and sharing thoughts, ideas and information. This blog post describes about top social media websites which highly useful for business marketing.

Top 3 Social Media Websites

Let us discuss about top 3 social media websites. I have created a list of top 3 social media websites highly useful for business marketing based on its number of users. Google plus, Facebook, Twitter are the top most 3 social media websites according to the number of its registered uses.

Google Plus – Number of users – 1,600,000,000

Facebook – Number of users – 1,280,000,000

Twitter – Number of users – 645,750,000

Google Plus

Google plus is the most powerful social media website for marketing. Since the achievements earned from Google plus posts, shares, plus ones are highly significant for getting more social authority, trust, social signals useful for SEO ranking, Google plus is one for the most useful social media website for business marketing. In Google Plus, individuals can create personal profiles. But for the purpose of business marketing Google plus pages can be created, customized with options such as sharing posts of blog posts which can be published, embedded and separately cached by google. The response activities, such as shares, google plus ones, replies, comments etc. are counted for social media signals and powerful authority values. Options of image sharing, video sharing, etc energizes the interaction chances in Google plus.

Facebook – Most Popular Social Media Website

Facebook is the most popular social media website heavily utilized for social media marketing. The thickly crowded social media website started in the year 2004 have about 1,280,000,000 active users currently. Choice of creating personal profiles manageable from individuals with a valid email address and possibility of Facebook pages particularly for business purpose and manageable for a number of Facebook profilers are main features of Facebook as a social media website. Individuals can create posts and publish in their timeline. Other profilers who are friends can see the posts and he can add his responses such as likes, shares, comments etc. Facebook is highly authoritative website with Domain authority of 100/100. Facebook have Google page rank of 9/10 is another attraction and trust value proof.

User response counting factors connected with Facebook

  • Fans Pages
  • Posts
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Replies
  • Embeds
  • Mentions
  • Pointing Links


A social media website created as micro blogging platform with availability of 140 characters per post. Main attraction of twitter is its Google page rank. Twitter is the website which have high number of feed rate in the world. Millions of twitter profilers regularly use their profiles and publishes their tweets. Since it works like a micro blogging platform, publishing separate URLs for each tweets made by users and calculates the users actions such as favorites, retweets, replies, comments, embeds etc. for it user response analysis, twitter is more powerful in gaining more social media signals useful for search engine ranking and popularity.

Actions counted in Twitter for achieving social signals

  • Profile
  • Tweets
  • Retweets
  • Favorites
  • Mentions
  • Replies
  • Comments
  • Embeds
  • Links
  • Lists

what-is-social-mediaWikipedia defines social media like this :

Social media are computer-mediated tools that allow people to create, share or exchange information, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks.

Neena Thomas SEO Analyst Kerala

WORDPRESS                                            Wordpress

Word press is used to publish our posts in website.WordPress software done in PHP and MYSQL. It is a open source for Content Management System(CMS). It is same as a blogger. In order to publish post through word press, firstly we need to create an account in word press. We need to login word press through a username and password. In this we are creating website model posts. In word press we can create website in a free and paid version. After login in word press we can choose one of the options like create free website and create as paid. Then by taking post option we can make our posts in it. We can make post same as blogger by giving links, images, editing etc. We can select different theme for our website. With respect to the themes there will be slight changes to the…

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Creating an acceptable platform

Building an acceptable platform is the first and basic step in content marketing. It can be a website or a blog or social media profiles created. Since it a more time spending forceful choice among all other online marketing methods, combined utilization of website, blog & social media profiles can earn more success. Most important point in your checklist connected with content publishing platform is “The contents you produced and published should be easily findable

Producing Valuable Content

Once the platform is ready for publishing content, the very next step in content marketing is creating valuable contents. Producing high quality unique content is not a simple thing. But it does not mean that the contents produced should be unique and in high quality. But it should be user friendly and valuable to readers. Valuable contents are those words which are highly helpful to the readers. If the contents produced included with good value of information, if each published contents can help your audience in any way, it is influential to generate any interactions, the entire strategy will help you reach maximum audience.

Additional tips connected with valuable content production:

  • Arrange your contents in easily readable way
  • Create or construct contents in a simple and user friendly way
  • Make sure that you have added best and accurate value of information

Utilization of Blogging

If your website has a blog which is made in a easy content management systems like wordpress or drupal, it is easy to follow continuity in content publication. These CMS have its own feature like plugins, widgets, which can be effectively utilized as better platforms for user interactions, navigation, revisits, subscriptions etc.

Few tips connected with blogging

  • Utilize content management system effectively
  • Use plugins and advantages of user interaction features
  • Create separate profiles for each authors
  • Link social media buttons, sharing possibilities

Usage of Social Media Platforms

Social media websites and networking became an essential areas of internet and online audiences. So success is hidden behind the knowledge about the power and influence of social media websites. Vast majority of internet audience are crowded in few social media websites. So reaching them may be just 2-3 clicks away. If you can logically and intelligently utilize the influence of these social media platforms. You can drive good number of visitors.